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Piles cases have increased tremendously in the recent past owing to the rise in corporate jobs where people are forced to stick to their seats for long hours without breaks. Adding to this, they get habituated to take stimulants which are rich in caffeine such as coffee, tea and junk food to keep themselves awake and alert during their odd working hours. All these factors are efficient triggers to Constipation, acidity, bloating, flatulence and over a period, result in bowel dysfunctions and piles to a large extent.

Approach Of Homeopathy In Treating Piles

The safest and most effective treatment for piles lies in Homeopathy, which can spare you from going under the knife. A surgery can certainly be considered as an option when any form of medicines refute to give results. Nevertheless, homeopathy has proved its efficiency in treating piles with excellent results.

Dr. Manoj’s Approach

At Dr. Manoj’s homeopathy, we have many people who have come for Treatment of Piles, and have successfully been able to avoid surgery. The difference was noted within 2 to 3 weeks after starting the medicines we have prescribed. Our patients have reported considerable relief from pain and other symptoms such as itching and bleeding. Some of the patients have also reported that severe burning and bleeding stops immediately after starting our medicines and have not relapsed again. We also give an SOS medicine for piles which provides instant relief when symptoms aggravate as the treatment starts working, during the regular course of treatment.

Our unique combination of homeopathic medicines have proven to be very effective in treating piles over the years, and we also constantly update treatments and approach with the latest developments happening in the field of homeopathy.

We also make sure of getting our patients to have follow up visits, which are very important to closely monitor their response to the medicines and only then decide on the next course. If the patient develops any acute condition like cold, cough, fever or any seasonal ailments while being treated by us, we make sure of treating that before resuming regular treatment.

At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy we don’t believe in simply providing symptomatic relief, but also aim at a long-term cure by getting to the root of the problem. We prepare customised remedies that stimulate the natural healing powers of the body rendering it absolutely safe and effective only with the idea that there will be no further risk of a recurrence of the problem.

Though symptoms like anal itching, pain and bleeding subside in few days to weeks, the total duration of treatments vary from person to person depending on their age, lifestyle, stress levels and most importantly eating habits. Our approach to treating any problem is a combination of physiological, mental and emotional balance that we help our patients with.

If you are looking for treatment for piles, or any other condition for that matter, you can Book Your Visit and try homeopathy with a much altered approach than any other practitioner would present you with. We are here to address all your concerns and treat your troubles with some sugar bubbles!