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Causes of piles is usually a left out part, because everyone is more bothered about treating it. In the urge to get relief from the pain it causes, people miss out on treating the cause. With other systems of medicine you have a range of treatment options, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t relapse again.

Lifestyle, and certain specific habits also aid in developing painful hemorrhoids. You might not realise until your doctor tells you. So, knowing what’s causing the pain to pile up can help you make better choices to rid yourself from this agonising condition.

Causes of piles

What Causes Piles:

The following are the most common causes of piles in people. Scroll through to check if you relate to any of these, so you can be sure and get the right curative measure.


Constipation is the result of poor eating habits which causes the stool to harden, making it difficult to excrete. Sometimes the blood vessels swell and get ruptured. This rupture can lead to bleeding, unbearable pain, and sensitivity.

Pressure over bowel movement

This is often a result of being constipated. You tend to put pressure on your bowel movement. The pressure pushes the blood into the rectal arteries and veins causing inflammation. This makes the anal muscles become weak and start touching the walls of the anal opening.


Diarrhea is a condition that either leads to excessive stools or constipation. In both cases pressure on the bowel movement is common resulting in the anal muscles becoming tender and weak.


Excess body weight causes pressure on your anal muscles causing the veins to inflammate and protrude outside the anal layer. It is extremely painful and can cause bleeding.

Lack of healthy diet

Food is an important source of energy and good health. Especially fibrous foods help in regulating the bowel movement smoothly. The excretion process gets disturbed when you eat too much of junk food, spicy food accompanied by having less intake of fluids etc. You are bound to develop various health issues of which obesity and constipation are the most common conditions that lead to piles.

Do you need help?

Causes of piles are just the start to something that can really drain you off your happiness. So if you have been facing any of the above conditions, take a quick check of your health and look for a way out to treat these conditions and get them off your system. How you do that is your choice. But before you get into taking supplements that can help you ease your problem, you must understand if it can treat the problem from within. Homeopathy can be a great choice in that case. It can cut down the risk of a relapse, and further complication which is what exactly you need. So make this choice instead of other ways that might treat your problem but on a temporary basis.

At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy, our remedies are customised based on each patient’s symptoms and body type. We make sure of having a detailed understanding about your health before recommending any medicines. Our medicines are prepared in an extremely unique way and are 100% safe and effective.