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There’s something pricking, and hurting your lower extremes for a long time. You’ve managed to make yourself comfortable for some time now, but it’s getting difficult by the day. That’s when it’s growing into a complication, and piles is a difficult one to handle.


If you are reading this, we’re sure you’re looking for help, and we assure you of being on the right page. This page will take you through something close to what you’re suffering, and you have us ready to make things easy for you. You’re probably under the impression that piles cause only pain and bleeding, but there’s much more that can happen to you and you must be aware of it.

So, read on to know the kind of complications Piles/Hemorrhoids can result in.

Piles itself is a complication

Hemorrhoids are quite an impediment when it comes to having a normal routine lifestyle. They are blood vessels which are located on the walls of the rectum where arteries merge with veins. Hemorrhoid swelling occurs when the blood pressure in these vessels shoot up resulting in engorgement of the blood in these vessels. One reason for this to occur is if you put extreme pressure while passing stools.

Piles can be further classified into two types:

  • Internal Hemorrhoids – Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum where you can’t see or feel them. They usually don’t hurt because there are fewer pain sensing nerves inside the rectum. Bleeding is the only way you can figure them out.
  • External Hemorrhoids – External hemorrhoids are the visible swollen veins right under the skin around the anus. This area usually has more pain-sensing nerves resulting in making them hurt and bleed.

These can occur as complications with a little more elevated degree of pain and discomfort. Here’s what they are like:


Bleeding is quite common with piles which causes a lot of blood loss. This results in anemia, a condition that allows significant reduction in the count of healthy red blood cells. When anemia is left untreated, it causes other complications such as fatigue, poor immunity, heart and lung problems, and complications during pregnancy.


When blood gets engorged inside the swollen hemorrhoid it gradually forms clots. This is usually very painful might need to be removed.

Fecal incontinence

Fecal incontinence is one of the most common complications of piles. It refers to the involuntary passage of stools or mucus from the rectum.

Loss of appetite

While there are a lot of medical complications, there are also certain psychological ones that make way when you have piles. If you’re wondering how, think about the pain when you have to pass stools. You eat less because you want to avoid pain,and that’s what causes nutritional deficiencies and a complete loss of appetite. An increased loss of appetite can also result in weakness and affect your overall health.

Complications can be avoided with proper care and medication that treats you within instead of superficial relief. Homeopathy is the safest choice you can make in this case. It is the only system of medical science that treats the cause from the root. So side effects are a nullified aspect when it comes to homeopathy.