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The beginning

A career in medicine is rather lucrative. From fame to money, it holds everything that a normal person aspires to achieve. Therefore, to become a doctor, yet choose a path that focuses on knowledge and respect over just the earnings needs a lot of motivation.

If someone could fit the bill for this description, Dr Manoj Kuriakose would be one of the frontrunners. Dr Manoj always had a passion to serve people. That’s one of the reasons why he choose the field of medicine. But, when it boiled down to making a choice between convention and convenience, he chose an option that would be convenient for his patients – homeopathy.

Dr Manoj understands the fact that many people have the fear of doctors and pain. Therefore, he wanted to invest his knowledge, time and energy in formulating treatments that would involve neither pain, nor fear. He wanted to elevate homeopathy to a level where it doesn’t remain inside the margins, but becomes the most obvious choice.

The Inspiration

No story can ever progress if there is no inspiration. Fortunately for Dr Manoj, he didn’t have to look outside the four walls of his own home to get inspired. His role model was right by his side, in the form of his father.

A homeopath himself, late Dr.T.M.Kuriakose worked for the Central Government Health Scheme. Having seen his father touch thousands of lives with the natural way of treatment, Dr Manoj’s path was clear; he decided to follow his father’s footsteps.

He went on to complete his B.H.M.S (Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) in the year 1990 and began practicing under the able guidance of his father. As his skills were sharpened, he went on to establish Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy, that has been successfully making thousands of people smile through good health and well-being.

Dr Manoj: A Success Story

Through these years, Dr Manoj’s hard work and dedication towards understanding his patient’s needs and problems have helped him scale success in a gradual fashion. His biggest asset is his calm approach towards his patient’s problems, and his ability to identify the problem and formulate a treatment.

His compassionate nature combined with his excellent knowledge helps him come up with precise treatments that work effectively on health conditions, removing traces of the disease from the very root. Dr Manoj understands that time is everything when it comes to health, which is why his unique concept of ‘pathological prescription’ saves his patients time and energy, focusing on the right kind of treatment.

Dr Manoj has earned his right to be called one of the best homeopathic doctors in Hyderabad, and one of the most sought-after ones in India and abroad. While there are several celebrities who trust him with their health, Dr Manoj believes that every patient is a star, and deserves to be treated with love, compassion and respect.

At the end of the day, for Dr Manoj, it’s all about celebrating good health and well-being.