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Homeopathy and its effect as a remedy has always been debatable. It has gained more popularity over the years and has spread to various countries, of which India has the maximum number of homeopathy practitioners. The most common myth that people still have is that the effect of homeopathic remedies is slow, or is much to do with a psychology of the patient.

At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy, we’re here to address all your concerns and clear those doubts that you might have. Below are a few common myths that you might come across. We’ve got the facts separated from fiction, and answered for you.

Homeopathy is an unconfirmed medical science.

Homeopathy depends on the pharmacological data. It is based on the law of similars and is based on logically explained experiments.

Homeopathic medicines are nothing but sugar pills.

The white coloured sugar pills are natural extractions of milk sugars, which play the role of carriers/vehicles of the medicinal substances. Hence, they are safe and balance the effect of alcohol based medicines on the body.

Homeopathy is a slow treatment process.

Homeopathy is exactly the opposite of what the myth projects. It shows results immediately on infections such as flu, allergies, sinusitis, loose motions, headaches, tonsillitis, and many recurring problems. The effect homeopathy has is more or less similar how antibiotics works, but with no side effects. The delay in treatment process is generally seen in a few chronic health conditions, and that is because activating the weak defence mechanism of the body might take some time.

Homeopathy cannot be used for life threatening-diseases.

Life-threatening diseases can be of various degrees. There are many people who have seen great results after taking homeopathic medication for diseases like malaria. A highly experienced homeopathic physician can treat life-threatening diseases with 100% success.

Homeopaths are just quacks without any formal training in Medicine.

Homeopathy is a proper clinical study. There are almost 2,00,000 homeopaths, 200 homeopathy colleges in India, and a million of them world over. Homeopathy is another system of medicine that has a non-invasive approach in treating ailments with the law of similars. Although the idea of aggravating the symptoms sounds scary, a skilled Homeopathic Physician can help you monitor the condition.

Diabetic patients should not opt for homeopathy.

This is not true. Homoeopathy can is one of the most effective remedies used in treating diabetes. The idea is to concentrate on the proper functioning of the pancreas. Patients who come with insulin replacement can continue with it while starting homeopathic treatment without any hesitation. Homeopathy does not interrupt the effect of conventional medication, yet continues to work on boosting the body’s mechanism. Once the sugar levels are stabilised the patients can discontinue conventional treatment.

All the medicines look the same. They probably have the same effect.

Homeopathic medicines have a unique preparation process called potentisation which involves dilution on the medicinal extracts with water and alcohol. The sugar pills are the lactose present in milk, which act as carriers of the medicine in minute doses. The doses are strong or light based on the severity of the patient’s illness. So, out of almost 3000 varieties of dilutions that are prepared, every patient gets one for their individual symptoms.