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What comes to your mind when you think of fissures?
A tear

While the pain and bleeding are bound to happen, it is a common confusion that it occurs because of piles. Imagine a tear in the skin, and the kind of discomfort it causes. That’s definitely something you or anyone would not want to have. Certain habits that you might not think are harmful, can actually lead to such complications.

Did you know that sitting for too long on the pot, and putting pressure on the bowel movement can lead to many such unfavourable conditions? Piles, the confused condition to fissures, is one of these problems. Talking about fissures, although the cause is similar, the problem is much different from what happens in piles. So, let’s take a look at what a fissure is.

Fissure – An Outline

Anal fissure is a tear that occurs in the skin lining the opening of the anus. Fissures cause burning, pain and bleeding while passing stools. Fissure has become quite popular among the general population these days, and are also noticed in all age groups with pretty much equal gender distribution. It might not be much of a surprise to this day that fissures are maximum noticed in young adults. There could be a lot of reasons that we’d probably not know medically, but lifestyle in every aspect plays a huge role in triggering these extreme conditions. So, let’s take a quick glance at what causes fissures, and all that you must know about it. You can also make a choice to visit our clinic if you’d like to know more. So, here we go.


What causes the tear?

The anal canal is where the large intestine ends. Not very long in size, it is 1-2 inches in length and has two circular muscles that control the bowel movements, which help in holding the stool from leaking and releasing as needed. Fissures are usually caused when these linings and muscle get ruptured.

The bowel movement becomes restricted and hard when you have fissures. However, loose stools and diarrhea can also cause fissures. The rupture of the anal wall skin causes spasm like pain and burning sensation that becomes severe over a period. This muscle spasm results in low blood flow to the injury site which impairs the healing process of the wound.

Why does this rupture occur?

Anal lining tear occurs when you strain your bowel movement putting pressure on the muscles that regulate the bowel movements voluntarily and involuntarily during constipation.

How do you know you have a fissures problem?

1. Symptoms of an anal fissure are typically noticed with pain and bleeding during excretion. Patients report severe pain during, and after a bowel movement, which lasts from several minutes to few hours.
2. Bright red blood from the anus is often noticed seen in the stool.
3. Many people also fear a bowel movement, and often try to avoid defecation pertaining the pain.
4. A lump of skin hanging outwards near the tear.

Homeopathy – A natural stitch

More often than not, people are of the opinion that other medical systems might not be able to cure their problems completely, and make up their mind to stick to what they are used to traditionally. But, little do they know that every system of medicine has its own way of healing, and are effective in various ways. Homeopathy is one such system in the field of medicine that is time tested and has proven results of treating many diseases from the root cause.

Homeopathy pushes the defencive cells of the body to take action and fight against viruses and infections. In case of inflammations and tears like fissures and Fistula, homeopathy does the same thing which might initially confuse you to a great extent.

However, within no time you will see evident results in the stoppage of bleeding and pain. The wound dries up and heals in a matter of few days/weeks and does not relapse again. At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy, you can have that assured that the medicines are customised to your needs and are safe. So, Call Us Now and give it a try!