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Homoeopathy is a self-driven force that encourages smooth functioning of health. It harmonises the production and flow of disrupted energy in the body, which we notice as signs and symptoms of diseases.

How does homeopathy work?

Nanopharmacology – The Concept

How homeopathy works is unimaginable and fancy for many of you. But then, knowing it can make it a lot easier to believe. The word ‘nano’ refers to extremely small, and homeopathic medicines are extremely small amount extracts and yet powerful when it comes to therapeutic effect. Researches have proved that the effect homeopathic medicines exert is strong enough to eliminate the chances of the disease recurring because of the dilution of concentrated minerals.

Highly diluted substances present in the extracts trigger the defence mechanism of the body by exerting a notable effect on the white blood cells which are responsible for fighting any foreign viruses that enter the body. This effect has been supported by almost 75% of studies The research states that ultra-molecular dilutions possess distinctive physical properties that create physiological effects.

Sources of homeopathic medicines

Anything that’s ‘natural’ is effective. That’s why, treatments and medications formulated from nature will not just be effective in helping you recover from your illness, but will not have any ill-effects on your health either. Homeopathic Treatments, made from various natural sources such as plants, minerals and metals, are diluted as per homeopathic guidelines which makes them lose their toxicity. The medicinal curative properties remain active which makes it powerful as a remedy.

Although there are around 2000 homeopathic medicines which are time tested, and are being specially prepared by government owned homeopathic pharmaceutical organisations all over the world, At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy, we have team of trained professionals to prepare unique combinations of remedies based on each individual’s needs and symptoms.

Medicines – The making

The preparation of homeopathic medicine is known as Potentization. It refers to repeated dilution and shaking of minute extracts from plants and minerals in water and alcohol. After dilution. The medicine is then added to lactose pills.

Most of the homeopathic medicines are made using alcohol as the base carrier while some of them are diluted with distilled water or the lactose present in milk (milk sugars). The percentage of dilution of the medicines depends on how severe the condition of the patient is.

Homeopathic remedies have opposite effect as compared to conventional medicine. Instead of suppressing the symptoms, it works on them and ensures that they are removed from the root. This effect disables the progress of the virus or inflammation in the body. Research on homeopathic medicines has proved that the stronger the dilution, the greater the potency of the medicine is.

Every system of treatment has its own way of treating sickness. However, homoeopathy recharges the defence mechanism cells in the body and fights the foreign elements. Homeopathic remedies have no toxic effect, and are 100% safe for all the age groups.