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  • Almost done with the 3 months course that you had prescribed for me and I am seeing some good results.I am able to sleep and rest better. The issue that I have with piles has also reduced substantially.The best part is that I also did manage to lose about 10 Lbs since my last visit to you 🙂

    “Piles has reduced substantially”-Madhavi/R No M-109/ Feb’2019

  • There is Good improvement for Piles (to say 95%)

    As far as my piles problems are concerned, there is good improvement (to say 95%)
    –Sasikumar/Reg No:6476

  • External hemorrhoid has gone down significantly

    I consulted you last month with regards to my issues with Piles & Anal Fissure.I have taken your medicines for one month now. I don’t have bleeding and the external hemorrhoid which was thrombosed has gone down significantly

    –S.Roy/Reg id:6934

  • Now I don’t get blood while passing stool

    I had a great relief in terms of pain and irritation. Now I don’t get blood while passing stool.
    –Subbi/Reg No:5632

  • There is no bleeding since I took medicines

    Hemorrhoids problem is far better now. There is no bleeding since I took medicines. My bowel habits are far better than before. Acidity problem is also under control

    –Pooja/Reg No:6479

  • My Piles problem is almost cured now.
    -Sandeep/Reg No:5132

  • Great relief in terms of pain and irritation

    I have been taking your medicines for past 3 months and had a great relief in terms of pain and irritation.
    -Subramanian/Reg No: 5632

  • Most of the problems are better

    Presently most of the problems are better. We had started the treatment for my aunt around a month back. She was having problems with piles, fissures, constipation, UTI and also pain in her knee. Presently, most of the problems are better. The knee pain is much better. UTI is gone and the constipation too is fine now.

    –Mrs. Mohsina/Reg No M2295

  • Sreenivas

    Piles Bleeding, Itching and burning stopped completely – 100%
    –Reg No: 4928

  • Thanks for your awesome medication

    I am feeling better than earlier. Thanks for your awesome medication.
    –Murali/Reg No: M1947

  • Pain and bleeding completely healed

    —Fatima/Reg No:4378

  • There has been no bleeding since then

    It’s been almost a month since I have started taking the medicines religiously (haven’t missed a single dose) and would like to update you about the progress;There has been no bleeding since then.With Gratitude.–Dilip/ 5391

  • Piles Problem fully Healed , no more eruption.
    —A. Chatterjee/Reg No:A2605

  • Excellent result for anal fissure treatment

    Whole hearted gratitude to Dr. Manoj. Excellent result for anal fissure treatment.. i feel comfortable now.
    —/J. Reddy/Reg No:3699

  • Very much relived from the piles problem.

    Feel very much relived from the piles problem.I have taken the fourth week booster. I feel very much relived from the piles problem. No bleeding and irritation.
    —Kiruthi/Reg No:3456

  • health condition 80 percent improved

    Present health condition 80 percent improved.
    —Kiran Kumar/Reg No:2909

  • Piles have completely vanished,I was very severely suffering with piles since 12 years. By the time I first approached Dr Manoj, I consulted several allopathy doctors during this long period of my suffering, the disease was reducing for few days and again creeping and adding to that the affect of powerful allopathy medicine were showing other side affects on my body. It was very much irritating to even go for consulting since the inspection by doctor was also very agonizing. In 2012 I first visited Dr Manoj and at that time piles were very severe. The medicine given by Dr Manoj was very effective with in a week I felt relief and with one year of treatment from Dr Manoj the disease has completely vanished and that too without having to go through any agonizing inspection from Doctor. Now I am able to enjoy my life by maintaining proper diet and regular exercise. I am very much thankful to Dr Manoj. —Suresh/Reg No:S1658

    —Suresh/Reg No:S1658

  • Piles have reduced a lot

    I have been taking your medicines for piles since almost 3 months. My piles has reduced a lot ever since I started taking your medicines.
    —Binu/Reg No:2821

  • Hemorrhoids/Piles/Have seen a great improvement

    I have seen a great improvement in my condition and approx.over 90%.
    —Subhas/Reg No:2222

  • Suresh

    Would rate Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy as one of the best
    If there is any rating agency to recognize Homeopathy clinic services being provided across the country I would rate Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy as one of the best in terms using treatment procedures, technology, approach towards storing and packing of medicine and fixing dose along with proper booklet etc. cleaniness at clinic is excellent with light and proper ventilation, Staff excellent and vey cordial warm and friendly. I know personally Dr Manoj for 20 years, a man of impetuous passion he does practice with lot of focus with out compromising ethics, I could see improvement over a period and kind of research being done every year in his practice is great . I would strongly request him to train more doctors with same principles and ethics and being technology man would request him to make research in more area especially in season wise disease pattern for preventive medicine and to heal chronic diseases which helps society at large.

    —Reg No:S4065

  • Sairam

    Piles/Hemorrhoids/ Feeling very good
    Hi, I am very much satisfied with the treatment and medication of my problem and Right now I am feeling very good. The three months course helped me a lot in recovering from Piles.

    —Reg No:2408/Nov’2015

  • Thank you for treating me Piles / Hemorrhoids

    My health is well and I feel that I am well healed. No pain is there now. Thank you for treating me Piles / Hemorrhoids.
    —Ajay/Reg No:2597

  • Dr. Jacob

    Piles/Hemorrhoids better
    I had been taking your medicine for piles problem and I am feeling much better.

  • Piles/Hemorrhoids/ Pain is almost negligible now

    Piles/Hemorrhoids/ Pain is almost negligible now,Sir, Your pills now seems to work. I am feeling much relaxed and the pain is almost negligible now. I had consulted you regarding the Haemarroids issue. Thank you for your support so far.

  • Hussain

    Piles/Hemorrhoids Healed
    Thank you Sir, Your pills have healed my haemarroids problem. I sincerly appreciate your efforts in spreading the awareness concerning health risks etc

  • Ankur

    Piles/ Lot relief to the problem
    I have visited you in Hyderabad for piles problem and your medicine gave a lot relief to the problem.

  • Dr. Krishna

    My constipation related problems have come to normal
    I took nearly one month medicine for Piles. During the first month course all my constipation related problems come to normal, except one day.

  • Swamy

    I give you and your Entire team Good health, peace of mind through out your life.

  • Agarwal

    Overall improvement in itching, burning sensation and bleeding
    I Have Already Been Taking Your Medicines Since last 2 months for Piles treatment. There is an over all improvement in itching, burning sensation and bleeding.

  • lot of improvement in the Piles problem

    Doctor, There has been lot of improvement in the Piles problem and would like to thank you so much for that.

    —Lakshmi/Reg No:3411

  • Venugopal

    Fully healed of my anal irritation
    I have completed taking the 4th dose of powder and a weeks medicine. Looks like I am fully healed of my anal irritation except for around 5 days last month some mild irritation seen. Prolapsed piles problem are still there but not causing.

  • Dr. Sunil

    Piles problem is 80% better
    After completing 2 months courses of it, I would say my Piles problem is 80% better. There is no pain at point. Only occasional itching during brisk walking. Anyway, short of miracle i have no answers since I thought my problem was most silly and yet important for me and I not having any success with treatment at Delhi.