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They are certainly not fun to talk about, but Piles/Hemorrhoids are a fairly common part of many people’s lives. Especially for those who live a carefree life. So it’s better to check if you are likely to develop problems that lead to piles, and take action before you put yourself through the tension of running around for treatments. Let’s take a quick glance at a few hacks help you prevent piles.

Prevention of Piles

Prevention is better than cure – A to do list

There are many lifestyle changes that can be adopted to prevent piles, or rather say reduce the symptoms, and aggravated piles. These include consuming high fibre foods, lot of fluids and practicing healthy bowel habits. Read on for some more tips.

Choose an active lifestyle – Keeping your body active is one of the best ways to prevent any health problem. Exercise keeps improves blood circulation, metabolism and the bowel movement smooth. When the bowel functioning is smooth, the chances of constipation and rectal swelling is nullified. Yoga, walking and other forms of exercises are great ways to prevent piles.

Drink enough water – The simplest way for prevention of piles is to drink the right amount of water. Fluids are very important for smooth bowel functioning, and water is the universal drink and the key to healthy bowel functioning. So, hydrate yourself adequately.

Fill your food with fiber – Piles/hemorrhoids is most commonly seen in people who have troubled bowel movements. It is like a cycle that brings in constipation and irritable bowel conditions at a time that piles up to form painful piles. Including a good amount of legumes, fibrous fruits and vegetables to your diet stimulates a healthy bowel movement and you can be as ease.

Don’t make the pot a dreaming spot – Spending too much time on the pot leads to straining your bowel movement. Sitting for a long time puts a lot of pressure on your anal blood vessels. The two put together can increase the risk of hemorrhoids. So stop dreaming on the pot or if you’re used to reading on the pot, shift your books to a better place.

Don’t avoid medical help

Piles is quite embarrassing to talk about. But if you feel or even suspect that you might develop piles, ignoring it would bring trouble soon. If you are one of those with a white coat syndrome, you still have great options to choose. Homeopathy is a time tested and safe system of medicine. The uniqueness of homeopathic remedies lies is treating not just the Symptoms and Causes of one condition, but works towards treating the root that can lead to various other problems that can occur. If you are uncomfortable with a face to face talk with your doctor, At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy, we have this sorted too. You can have an online consultation and we shall help you with the right remedies customised for you.