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The human body is a wonder in its own way. It is like an automated machine that consumes fuel and produces energy to sustain life, and like any other machine, it also produces a certain amount of waste as a part of the cycle. But what makes it different is that it cannot recycle the waste.

Imagine if there’s something that blocks this natural routine.

Symptoms of Piles

It is not just an unpleasant feeling, but also an extremely embarrassing and painful thought. But then, many people tend to ignore it to avoid embarrassment, not realising that it can cause complications that can make life much more miserable. So, as a note of caution, it is important that you know your symptoms before you have it hurt your system.

Piles doesn’t always cause pain. But if ignored, it can shoot up to causing unbearable pain and difficulty in the excretion process. Being ignorant about health has never paid anyone good returns, and piles is something that can pay you pain and discomfort in abundance. It blocks the excretory passage leading to soreness and inconvenience while walking or even simply sitting.

It’s hurting – You know you have piles when:

  • It starts bleeding during bowel movement
  • The pain feels like sharp stones stuck in the anus
  • Lumps of spongy growth in or around your anus
  • If you experience a slimy discharge of mucus from your anus
  • If you have leaking stools
  • If you experience constipation that’s not getting better
  • If the skin becomes itchy or sore around your anus
  • After a bowel movement if you experience excruciating pain (external piles)

Piles symptoms are often misleading, and sometimes might not be as severe. But that does not reduce the risk of complications. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, a visit to a doctor is something that shouldn’t be ignored. These symptoms can be caused by many other conditions like inflammation in the bowel, anal bowel cancers and an anal Fissure (tear).

Nature of your symptoms

Every health problem comes with certain specific symptoms. But what we understand, and comprehend is your individualistic symptoms. You might look up, research and speak to people about their experiences and compare. But, that might give you too many answers and not the right ones for your case. This is because no two people will have the same kind of symptoms.

Addressing your symptoms

In such cases, the best way to address your problem is to click and consult the right people. At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy, we offer you a convenient option of an Online Consultation with our doctors. You can feel free and present your problem over what kind of challenges you are facing. Our Experts will speculate your symptoms and figure a way out for you.